Hawaii JAC Feature in Building Industry Hawaii, June 2015

 Our OE3 Joint Apprenticeship Program (JAC) was recently featured in Building Industry Hawaii magazine in an article titled ‘Training the Trades’ by Brett Alexander-Estes. Estes interviewed the Hawaii Operating Engineers International Union Local 3’s District Representative, Pane Meatoga, about our program.

” ‘We have a talented and skilled workforce emerging from our high schools, community colleges, and universities,’ says Meatoga. ‘The (union) apprentice programs are joint programs with their contractors, and are top-of-the-line programs registered and monitored by the federal and state agencies.
‘This year we have indentured 23 apprentices, to bring our total to 83’.”
“Meatoga notes that 14 percent of this year’s apprentices are female. ‘I think this is the highest female-to-male ratio in the state.’ he says.”

More details about the JAC program are listed afterward:

  • Apprenticeship training at union facilities at Kahuku in three areas:
    • Construction Equipment Operator (CEO)
    • Paving Equipment Operator (PEO)
    • Heavy Duty Repairman (HDR)
  • All three areas require:
    • 160 hours of probationary orientation period training
    • 240 hours of supplemental related training (340 for HDR)
  • On-the-job training by the contractor requires:
    • 6,000 hours for CEO
    • 4,000 hours for PEO
    • 8,000 hours for HDR
  • As per market demand, equipment training includes:
    • Truck driving, surveying, pile driving, dredging, and other specialties
    • Certifications available in crane, rigging, signalman, forklift, and other site operations as well as in OSHA, HAZWOPER, and HAZMAT

Click here for the official OE3 Hawaii JAC website and more information about our programs.

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