Care For Your Body

Malama kou kino, Care for your body.

The Trustees of Hawaii Operating Engineers Industry Stabilization Fund believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The wellness of participants and their family members is a critical factor in their quality of life–whether on the job, at home, or enjoying the best life the islands have to offer.

“Malama kou kino” represents our commitment to you and our hope that you will embrace the idea that caring for your body is one of the most important things you can do.

Our health and welfare plan helps participants and their families achieve health and financial security by providing access to safe, cost effective, high quality healthcare. This includes access to wellness programs and benefits offered by both HMSA and Kaiser Permanente.

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July’s Top Signatory Contractors

Awards for Hawaii have topped $1 Billion thus far in 2015 and we have our signatory contractors to congratulate for that, as they hold 7 of the top 10 spots. Keep it up!


  1. Goodfellow Bros. Inc at $49,965,419
  2. Grace Pacific LLC at $10,674,029
  3. Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co at $9,862,000
  4. Frank Coluccio Construction Co at $6,397,204
  5. The H.E. Johnson Co. Inc. at $2,692,878
  6. Maui Kupono Builders LLC at $2,284,224
  7. Integrated Construction Inc. at $1,338,700