Thousands of jobs and homes for local residents

The Supreme Court approved the Koa Ridge project yesterday, clearing the way for thousands of jobs and 3500 homes for local residents and ending three long years of litigation. Construction is anticipated to begin construction next year with the first set of homes being  built by 2018. Yesterday’s ruling means jobs for our union brothers and … More Thousands of jobs and homes for local residents

HOEISF Supports Deidre Tegarden

Deidre Tegarden, Democratic candidate for Hawaii’s 11th House District, representing South Maui, will bring to the office an impressive and extensive background in community service, business and government. Dwight Burns – Maui Compliance Officer, HOEISF, Deidre Tegarden, John Monis – Executive Director, HOEISF, and Willie Greig, Business Agent – Local 3, District 17 To learn … More HOEISF Supports Deidre Tegarden