Key Legislation

What is Act 17?

In 2009 the Hawaii State Legislature passed a law called “Act 17” which provides a 5% bidding preference to contractors who:
1. Have an apprenticeship program registered with the Department of Labor and
2. Are bidding on a public works construction project estimated at $250,000 or more

HRS 103-55.6 (Act 17, SLH 2009) reads:

Purpose and Applicability
A. The purpose of these procedures is to implement and administer the 5% bid adjustment for bidders that are parties to apprenticeship agreements pursuant to HRS 103-55.6.

B. These procedures shall apply to public works contracts that are subject to HRS chapter 103, have an estimated value of $250,000 or more, and are entered into by a governmental body.”

As District 17 belongs to an apprenticeship program, HOEISF is supportive of Act 17 and continues to lobby heavily against the repeal of this law. Several of our signatory contractors have successfully used Act 17 to win multi million dollar bids on projects such as the Laaloa Road Extension Project ($14M) and the Honolulu Airport Employee Parking Lot ($5M).

HOEISF supports the development of a skilled local workforce resulting from a well-developed training system that produces highly skilled workers. HOEISF believes Act 17 levels the playing field for contractors who support and believe it is good public policy to build and train a highly skilled local workforce for future generations in Hawaii. Apprenticeship programs provide good paying jobs, provide a higher quality of life, and develops apprentices and journey-workers into a multi-skilled workforce. The state of Hawaii directly benefits from such a workforce because it can contribute more into the state’s economy and lessen the need to import temporary labor.

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