A Big Win After A 10 Year Battle

We are proud to report that yesterday, the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled in favor of D.R. Horton’s $4.6B Hoopili project.  D.R. Horton hopes to start construction in 2016.  In addition to single and multi family homes, Hoopili would also include commercial and light industrial space, community facilities, schools, parks and open space, facilities, commercial farming and utilities.

D.R. Horton has also gifted the Hawaiian Humane Society and the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center for new West Oahu campuses.

We would like to extend a warm aloha for everyone’s hard work and dedication in bringing this project to fruition.  Hoopili will bring in more work for our members as well as provide jobs and homes for the local people in the upcoming years.

Read more about the ruling here

Congratulations to our newest members

On December 8, 2015, Dan Reding, President of the Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3, swore in the newest members of District 17.  The swearing in of new members is a symbolic beginning to one joining Local 3 and one of the key elements in the lifelong retention of that member.

Congratulations to all.  We are proud to officially have you on board!

Holiday Pay

On behalf of everyone at HOEISF, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

If you did perform work on Thursday, November 26th, please be sure to read over your pay stub to ensure you were paid the correct wages. Per the current Hawaii Wage Rate Schedule, Operating Engineers are entitled to TWO TIMES basic hourly rate PLUS required hourly fringe benefits.

If you have friends or family that worked for non-signatory companies on Thanksgiving Day and did not receive the correct wages, please fill out our contact form and we will look into it. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

Have a wonderful week!

Help Us Help You

Our purpose is to ​ensure non-signatory contractors do not inc​rease their market share. ​By enforcing ​​HRS Chapter 104​​ we are able to level the playing field and increase signatory market share.​​

​Let us know if you see or are aware of:

  • ​Ongoing government projects in your area
  • Workers not receiving the correct wages or benefits on government work
  • ​​Workers switching classifications (such as going from a Group 1 Operator to a Group 6 Operator) and not receiving the correct wages on government wor​k

​​By giving us this information, we are able to further investigate claims and preserve signatory market share.

Call our office at 845-6221 or fill out our contact form ​HERE.

All communication will remain confidential.

Stick To The Plan

There has been some recent discussion in the Honolulu City Council regarding the rail project plan. There are some who are looking to change the plans and stop the rail short of Ala Moana, ending it at Middle Street where riders are to transfer to buses and potentially “get caught in surface-street congestion”. Not only would the rail not serve its purpose of alleviating traffic in these types of areas, it would require that we forfeit the $1.55 billion federal grant for the project, $450 million of which has already been spent and taxpayers would have to pay back.

Star Advertiser’s editorial “Don’t Deviate From The Original Plan For Rail” reads:
“They need to stop and think about what they’d be getting for whatever a Kapolei-to-Middle-Street rail line would cost. The answer? Not much.”
“Honolulu’s population and traffic challenges are growing unabated. Giving its residents the commuting options they need remains a bedrock responsibility of city government. Along a traffic corridor as narrow as Honolulu’s, with no room for street-level expansion, elevated rail is still the rational choice. It can get people where they need to go. Let’s stick to the basic plan rather than waffling pointlessly, and get the job done as efficiently as possible.”

Hoopili Area PC HART.pngFacing East in the Hoopili Area – Picture Credit: Honolulu Transit

Grube, Nick. “Caldwell: Feds Withholding Honolulu Rail Funds Until Council Acts” Civil Beat 13 November 2015

“Don’t Deviate From The Original Plan For Rail” Star Advertiser 15 November 2015

Mahalo For Your Support

​We would like to thank all the members and retirees who joined us this past week for the hearings for Bill 23. A decision has not yet been announced but we are proud to have your support with us.

​Bill 23 is ​an amendment that extends the ​city surcharge tax which is designated for the rail project. Currently the surcharge tax is set to expire on December 31, 2022 but with Bill 23, it will expire on December 31, 2027. This is to ensure the project has appropriate funding to see it to completion.

People who work in the construction industry understand that sometimes there are setbacks on a job, for whatever reason. We understand that having (and building) the rail system provides more jobs and paychecks for our members than it takes away with this small tax extension.

Thank you again for your support.

Know Your Numbers

One of the simplest and most effective ways of caring for your body is to “know your numbers.”

HMSA and Kaiser Permanente offer biometric screenings for participants and spouses/domestic partners that include:

  • Total Cholesterol & HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) to identify possible risk of heart conditions
  • Blood Glucose to indentify possible diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Blood Pressure to identify possible hypertension or pre-hypertension
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) to indicate any vulnerabilities to weight-related health risks

Call the Trust Fund at 847-1289 with any questions you have regarding your medical coverage.

Malama Kou Kino.png

Bill 23 Hearings

Volunteers Wanted!

​We have some exciting events coming up where we could use your help! We need volunteers to attend the following meetings:

Oahu PUC Listening Session
Re: HECO & Next Era Merger Support
Tuesday, October 27th at 6:00PM
McKinley High School Cafeteria (location tenative)

City Council Community Meeting
Re: Bill 23
Thursday, November 5th at 5:30PM
Kapolei Hale

City Council Community Meeting
Re: Bill 23
Monday, November 9th at 5:30PM
Washington Middle School Cafeteria

Please call our office at 845-6221 if you would like to attend.​ Volunteers attending these meetings will qualify for Project VOTE (Voice Of The Engineer) hours!

Duke – Honolulu Theatre For Youth

Honolulu Theater for Youth presents: DUKE

Come join us for special performance just for HOEISF!
For FREE tickets: Call Darolee at 845-6221 or email at darolee@hoeisf.com

Who: Operating Engineers Local 3 Members and families (ages 8+)
What:  Special DUKE performance​
When:  Saturday, November 14, 2015
Where:  The Cathedral of St. Andrew at Tenney Theatre
229 Queen Emma ​Square
Honolulu, HI 96​813

Duke - Honolulu Theater.png